ART AND CAFEのワークショップについて / About the workshop

ART AND CAFEのワークショップについて / About the workshop



Art specialist instructors give gentle, easy-to-understand, and polite advice until the painting is completed.

It's okay if anyone is motivated! Even if you can't draw well, it's okay if you have a personality!

The instructor will teach you gently, easy to understand, and polite until the picture is completed! What's more, in just 2 hours, you can create your own original, fun drawing! There are many choices such as alcohol ink art, resin art, fluid art, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh imitation, calligraphy art, etc.Take your finished painting home and decorate it right away!





You can listen to good old records and original mixes of music that match the
atmosphere of the painting.

We invite acoustic musicians, classical musicians, DJs, etc. to hold events that combine art and music.




You can enjoy wine and champagne carefully selected by a sommelier, stylish cafe meals, and original coffee supervised by baristas along with snacks.

We offer wine and champagne that can only be tasted here, stylish and trendy cafe meals, and our original coffee that sticks to beans and brewing methods.