The painting class and drink event, known as the PAINT & SIP service, has
become an overwhelming boom in restaurants and outdoor events all over the world, starting with young people in London and New York. 

Here in Japan, it is becoming popular among young people, but following the trend of the original Paint & Sip, a new, more advanced service has been created, mainly for young people who are interested in painting, sponsored by foreigners.

While listening to DJ-selected records and mixed music, with sommelier-paired wines and aromatic special coffee in one hand, instructors who are specialists in art production will teach fluid art, alcohol ink, contemporary art, Picasso Japan's first workshop "ART AND CAFE"
has finally opened, where anyone can easily interact with famous artists such as Monet Van Gogh while drawing pictures.

How about ART AND CAFE?
Single, as a couple, or with friends! Let's forget all the difficult things in our daily lives and create art together!

From birth to adulthood, everyone has the experience of drawing, singing, and eating delicious food. But when I look back as an adult, before I knew it, the chances of drawing pictures together, singing songs together, and drinking coffee together almost disappeared and forgotten.

Every day, I get on the train at a fixed time, do my assigned work, and go home. Like a robot, days just doing what others have decided.
That's why we have created a place where everyone can forget about such boring reality and enjoy drawing while listening to music, drinking delicious coffee, and having fun together.


Art specialist instructors give gentle, easy-to-understand, and polite advice until the painting is completed.

It's okay if anyone is motivated! Even if you can't draw well, it's okay if you have a personality!

The instructor will teach you gently, easy to understand, and polite until the picture is completed! What's more, in just 2 hours, you can create your own original, fun drawing! There are many choices such as alcohol ink art, resin art, fluid art, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh imitation, calligraphy art, etc.Take your finished painting home and decorate it right away!

You can listen to good old records and original mixes of music that match theatmosphere of the painting.

We invite acoustic musicians, classical musicians, DJs, etc. to hold events that combine art and music.

You can enjoy wine and champagne carefully selected by a sommelier, stylish cafe meals, and original coffee supervised by baristas along with snacks.

We offer wine and champagne that can only be tasted here, stylish and trendy cafe meals, and our original coffee that sticks to beans and brewing methods.

Empty-handed OK, no need to bring anything,Brushes, paints, paper, and aprons are available here,

so participants can feel free to participate without preparing anything. You can take home the finished work. Just in case, please come in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

The flow of workshop

  • 1. Put the event you want to participate in the shopping cart

    2. Proceed with the purchase procedure and payment

    3. When you receive the confirmation email, please come to the site before the designated time on the day.

    4. At the beginning of the meeting, the organizer will explain about the workshop and notes.

    5. Enjoy the art experience while drinking a special drink!

    6. When you have completed your work, communicate with other participants while showing it to each other, then take it home and decorate it in your room!

    ※Works that will not dry on the same day, such as dripping and textures, will be sent by post with payment on delivery.