About Us/私達について


ロンドン、ニューヨークの若者たちからブームが始まり、今や全世界で、飲食店やアウトドアイベントなどで圧倒的ブームになっている絵画教室とドリンクのイベント、通称PAINT & SIPサービス。ここ日本でも若者を中心に人気が出てきていますが、本家Paint & Sipの流れを汲みながら、外国人主催で、絵画に興味がある若者を中心に、より進化した新しいサービスが誕生しました。

DJがセレクトしたレコードやミックス音楽を聴きながら、ソムリエによるペアリングされたワインや香り引き立つスペシャルコーヒーを片手に、アート制作のスペシャリストである講師陣が、フルイドアートやアルコールインク、現代アートや、ピカソ・モネ・ゴッホなどの有名作家まで、誰でも簡単に、絵を描きながら楽しく交流できる日本初のワークショップ "ART AND CAFE" が遂にオープン。



The painting class and drink event, known as the PAINT & SIP service, has become an overwhelming boom in restaurants and outdoor events all over the world, starting with young people in London and New York. 

Here in Japan, it is becoming popular among young people, but following the trend of the original Paint & Sip, a new, more advanced service has been created, mainly for young people who are interested in painting, sponsored by foreigners.

While listening to DJ-selected records and mixed music, with sommelier-paired wines and aromatic special coffee in one hand, instructors who are specialists in art production will teach fluid art, alcohol ink, contemporary art, Picasso Japan's first workshop "ART AND CAFE" has finally opened, where anyone can easily interact with famous artists such as Monet Van Gogh while drawing pictures.



一人でも、カップルでも、友達と一緒でも!日々の難しいこ とは全部忘れて、一緒にアートをつくろう!



How about ART AND CAFE?

Single, as a couple, or with friends! Let's forget all the difficult things in our daily lives and create art together!

From birth to adulthood, everyone has the experience of drawing, singing, and eating delicious food. But when I look back as an adult, before I knew it, the chances of drawing pictures together, singing songs together, and drinking coffee together almost disappeared and forgotten.

Every day, I get on the train at a fixed time, do my assigned work, and go home. Like a robot, days just doing what others have decided.

That's why we have created a place where everyone can forget about such boring reality and enjoy drawing while listening to music, drinking delicious coffee, and having fun together.